Then they were rain clouds.

I really don't know why but both boys joined us in bed last night. That means I didn't get a whole lot of sleep, every time someone moved the whole bed would get woken up. This morning I wasn't firing on all cylinders. The boys weren't really up for doing much but laying around.

While they were napping I prepared some mommy school activities. When the boys first woke up they wanted to go outside and blow bubbles. When we came back in we did an art project. I used a muffin tin that I used for the eggs. I guess that I'm in the market for a new tin because this one has officially moved into the kids art supplies.

 After the art project we did a science project. The boys were learning the basics of what cause rain. Basically I got a couple of sponges and a big bowl of water. I explained that rain happens when the clouds get to much water in them and the extra water comes out, like when you squeeze the sponge. The boys loved being rain clouds and watering the grass and flowers. Then they decided to have it rain on them. Next thing I know they boys were down to their underwear and completely soaked. I think we are going to do this science experiment during the summer. The only reason we stopped was because I needed to come inside and work on dinner. The boys were very upset about not getting to be rain clouds anymore.

 After dinner the boys snuggled with Josh on the couch for one show then they were hyper and running around again. I think they were about to fall asleep. Josh took the boys back outside and they ran around till it was time for bed.