Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thomas the Train day!

Preston LOVES trains right now. Every year Thomas the train goes to Grapevine, TX for a couple of weekends in April. We figured that Preston would love to ride Thomas for his birthday even if it is a little early. We had planned on inviting the grandparents, godparents, and other important adults in Preston's life. Turns out that Mark and Jen were the only ones that could make it. We are going to have a real party for Preston closer to his actual birthday.

I wish that we had gotten there earlier than what we did. I waited just a couple of days ago to get tickets. The only scheduled time I could get was 12:45. I was worried about how the boys would act because I wasn't when we would get to eat. When we got to the parking area, Josh and I realized that we didn't grab the diaper bag. At home and for short excursions Preston wears underwear. When we aren't sure how long we are going to be gone or know when a restroom is going to be handy we put pull-ups over his underwear. I was in such a rush I had forgotten to put the pull-up on. Josh and I slightly freaked but figured we would see how long we could get through this before there was an accident.

When we first arrived the boys saw a huge sandbox and that was all they cared about. While the boys were playing Josh and Mark went and checked out the blacksmith. The blacksmith was making little cowboy and cowgirl hats. Josh and Mark were excited and each bought some. We only had a few minutes before it was time to line up to board Thomas.

Once we were on the train Ethan could have cared less. He grabbed my phone and started playing games. Preston on the other hand was singing and making train noises. After the ride everyone was hungry so it was time to leave.

After a late lunch it was time to head back home. The rest of the day was fairly relaxing. However I'm used to going to my parent's home so I keep thinking that today is Saturday. Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember that it is Monday.