This morning I was meeting another mom's group. I'm hoping this one is going to be a lot more welcoming than the first one I tried.

I got an email from one of the moms saying she was excited to meet me and the boys and what she was wearing and what her son had on. The first email I typed in response was:

Hi really nice mom,

I'm really excited to meet you too. I will probably be the woman in the corner crying to herself. Last night my mom served her heart healthy lasagna. For most people it cleans out their colon, for me it made my body decide it was stopped up and it wasn't happy. Because I wasn't already in enough discomfort Aunt Flo decided to join the party. Now I feel like my vagina and my intestines are playing rocket socket robots in my stomach. While I'm doubled over in pain my kids are going to be the ones running around like crazy kids that don't have any parents. Hopefully, they aren't the ones beating your child. Also, my oldest child has his hand bandaged like he has a major hand injury. Don't worry about that it isn't nearly as bad as it looks. Ethan is just a bit of a drama king and a normal band-aid wouldn't stick to his sweaty palms.


I decided that might not be the best introduction to the mom's group. I edited it to:

Hi really nice mom,
I'm really excited to meet you too. My boys will be wearing clothing that I haven't picked out yet even though we are walking out the door in five minutes. So I might be running a little late. I'll have on jeans and a purple shirt.


Apparently that was enough of a description because as soon as we walked in I hear a loud, "you must be Stacey" Alrighty then, I guess this group is really shy. Turns up that the mom I was meeting would join me in the corner crying because she had pulled something in her back and is on muscle relaxers. Dang I should have sent the first email.

The mom introduced me to a couple of the other moms. Her son is just as wired as my boys were. They had a great time playing. However, I kept loosing my boys. Seriously, I have two ninjas. At one point the mom looked at me and said wow they keep you busy. Yes, yes they do. I'm just thankful that we have circus class tonight so they will sleep really well tonight. Of course, she had to ask what circus class is. She was shocked that there is a class like that for kids this young. Then I had to explain that Ethan started when he was still in daycare and then they opened their own studio and started a class just for my boys. Then I had to chase down one of my kids since he had vanished.

When we got home Ethan was asking for nap time. However Preston was over tired and wouldn't fall asleep. Ugh. I just wanted to curl up in the fetal position and hate life for a few minutes in peace before I had to get ready for Aerial yoga.

I really should have canceled my class but decided to feel the burn anyways. I'm just glad the Kimberly had us working out our legs and not our core muscles. When I got home my legs were jello and I think one of my organs finally won the rocket socket tournament that has been going on all day.

I forgot to mention that pump it up had several balloons that the kids were playing with. When we got home I had promised to plow up some balloons if the boys left like big boys. When Josh got home there were balloons all over the place. I asked Josh if he ever wonders what had gone on during the day when he comes home on Monday? He gave me a look, and said on Mondays? How about all the time? Thanks Josh. 

Future note when I feel like I'm dying give the boys balloons.

Mom this is the best day EVER!!

I don't want to go to circus class.

I just want to play with balloons.

Hey dad. mom really wore me out today. Is it okay if I just chill with you?