A wacky crazy day!

Today was just a weird day. I would call it Wacky Wednesday based on the book by Dr. Seuss but today isn't Wednesday. My goodness Preston even had a shoe on his head. Ethan had to be wacky and have a paddle on his head.
I really don't know why today was so strange but it was. While we were eating lunch there was a police chase that was being televised. Of course I had to watch and when the drive was caught the boys cheered. Then went into the play room and started capturing all the "bad" guys. The bad guys turned out to be various toys and at least not each other.  We didn't do much today but have dinner with Mark and Jen. After dinner we headed to Micheal's because they had some foam paint brushes 20 for $1. The kids love painting with those types of brushes. Oh Micheal's has some pails and shovels for $1. That is the normal price so you can use the 40% off coupons on them. When I was there I asked if they accept competitor coupons and they do. This week Joann's has 50% off in their ad.
 The boys love the buckets that I picked up yesterday. We are planning on taking them to the splash parks once they open.

When we got home Josh was putting his backpack down and it landed on his toe.
Of course this happened when it was the boys bed time. I put the boys to bed and sent Josh off to Care Now to get it checked out. I feel bad that he had to drive himself, but then again he made me drive to the hospital when I was going to deliver Preston. In his defense I was going in for a scheduled c-section and couldn't eat before the procedure. It was early so he wanted to hit a drive thru for breakfast and didn't want to have to drive and eat. Wait that didn't make it any better, did it??