Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why do I keep doing this to myself???

Once again we over scheduled the day. We started the day of by going to church. I was told that I haven't actually mentioned the church that we have been going to. We have been attending Hope Fellowship Church in Frisco.

Then it was off to a birthday party for one of Ethan and Preston's friends from Cirque Fit class. The theme of the party was April Fools. What a great party idea. They had a cake (that I didn't get a picture of) made of felt. That turned out to be a pull the string pinata. From the a distance you couldn't tell that it wasn't a real cake. The "juice" was jello. The real cake was a pound cake that looked like a grilled cheese sandwich with fries that were sugar cookies.

These "rocks" were actually a play- doh with a toy inside.

Preston found the an ice cone and that means he got a special dinosaur.

I'm starting to think Preston is the luckiest person alive.

The drinks are actually jello.

This the actual birthday cake

 After the birthday party it was off to the end of season party for Josh's running group. It was at Fox and the Hound. The boys were all about the pool table.

Then it was off to my parents home. The boys didn't have a nap and were doing everything possible to keep themselves awake. I was very happy when my mom wanted us to go shopping for Easter candy to put in the boys basket next week. We were able to save 50% on the candy and soda that we bought.