Monday, May 21, 2012

An amazing day with my boys.

I had such and amazing day with the boys I don't even know where to start. This morning the boys and I headed off to another play date. There are two other moms that have kids the same age as my boys. All the kids really got along with everyone. I really don't know why I didn't find this moms group when I first started became a stay at home mom. I'm really glad that I finally got a round to joining the group.

When we got home all of us were really beat. I was trying to get ahead on stuff do things that didn't take a lot of energy or brain power. I figured checking emails fit that bill. That is when I saw that Cinemark has posted their Summer Movie Clubhouse schedule. Every theater has their own list of movies and dates. The best part is if you buy your tickets a head of time you get 10 movies for $5!. That sounds like a great deal to me. I was going to email the person who sets up the daytime play dates about the movie club. When I checked the website to get her email (at the time that seemed faster than searching through my contacts in my email. Did I mention I was tired and wasn't really thinking clearly?), Turns out she has posted new play dates about a minute prior to me getting to the website. I guess great minds do think alike because they were all about the summer movie club! It is such a shame that this group doesn't do anything that the boys and I would like to do.

Today also marked a return to Cirque fit classes, or to what the boys refer to as circus class. Kimberly was just busting with excitement. She is engaged! I'm so excited for her. Normally during class she does a great job keeping everyone focused and not chatting. This week it was just the two of us and she couldn't help but talk about wedding plans.

When the boys and I got home, the kids and Josh were acting like spies. I was pretty much ignoring them until Josh shot a nerf gun in my direction. Oh buddy, the game was on! Josh and I had a nerf gun shoot out. Both the boys were on team Josh. Seriously boys?? Nobody wanted to help me out??? Then again I did have better aim than Josh and I was able to maintain my ammo levels. Afterwards, it hit me that seeing mommy and daddy shooting each other doesn't help the don't aim these guns at people that he have always told and shown the boys till this point.