Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baseball and Flowers.

We did something different today and didn't go to my parent's home. I know it is crazy time but our baseball tickets were for today at 4:00. I messed up and thought the game was at 4:30 so we a little late.  It was in the second inning by the time we got to our seats, but if the game started when I thought it was we would have seen the first pitch. After we ate some typical ball game food, the boys wanted to play in the playground. I swear we in the playground for maybe 30 minutes when they were closing it down because it was already the 7th inning. What?? The game is almost over? The entire game lasted two and half hours. It was the fastest baseball game I've ever been to. The coolest part was that on Sundays kids are allowed to run the bases after the game. The boys thought that was the best thing ever!

Since the game ended so early we had time to kill before it was time to do our bed time routine. Yesterday Josh took the boys to pick some flowers for me. They wanted to go back to the flower trail. I figured we would walk a few feet then turn back around and get in the car. Nope the boys (Josh included) had other ideas. We ended up walking over a mile. I know a mile isn't that long of a distance but I was in flip flops and jeans in 88 degrees.

I LOVE baseball games!

I'm not up to anything, HONEST!

Ethan rounding third base

Preston taking his time at third.