Saturday, May 19, 2012

The boys first ROCK concert!

Josh: Why are we driving to your parent's home to watch the Little River Band?

Me: Because for some reason it is the band that I've seen the most live in concert.

Josh: Why?

Me: They are normally free concerts.

Josh: OH, Do they sing anything that I would know?

Me: I start belting out the chorus of Happy Anniversary Baby.

Josh was staring at me like I had two heads.

Me: What?? That was their first number one hit in 1977.

Josh: Seriously you expect me to know a song that was popular before I was born??

Me: I know it!

Josh: You also worked at at 70's club.

Me: That isn't where I heard the song. It was when I waited tables at a steak restaurant.

Josh: Big difference.

I left my camera at my parents house so I failed at pictures for this post.. Sorry.

When the band introduce Happy Anniversary Baby. They said, "You should have at least heard this next song if you have ever stepped foot in a grocery store in the past twenty years."

Josh still hadn't heard the song before tonight. I guess we know who does the shopping in our house! Actually, Josh does but he goes to high class joints like Aldi. Any rate I told him he is pretty much screwed on know any other song the band sang.

When my dad set up his chair, a plastic piece broke. During the first song the chair started to slowly collapse. My dad tried to push the chair back up and that was a fail. The chair completely collapsed in a slow motion. I being the dutiful daughter that I am, I gave up my chair and sat on the ground. I guess I should mention that the concert was actually in the middle of a road. When the boys came over by me the discovered a five inch by two inch hole that was filled with gravel and a dirt filled crack in the street. The rest of the concert they were having a blast playing in the small patch of dirt.

After the concert, the boys were saying how awesome the concert was and they wanted to go to another one! Even Josh said that it was a great concert and the Little River Band really knows how to put on a show. Turns out that Josh had heard a total of two songs before tonight.

This was the perfect first "Rock" concert for the kids. The crowd was really tame and very friendly. When dad's chair collapsed someone came over to see if they could help fix it.