Thursday, May 24, 2012

Every one needs a little goo.

The hyper children were still in full force this morning. We had some books that were due today at the library and I wanted to get the boys to story time as the Discovery Sci-tech center in Frisco. Most the time my boys are much better in public than they are at home but not today. The cashier at the Sci-tech was like wow you look like you could use more coffee. Thanks for noticing. Then again I didn't get coffee this morning because everything I would think about it the boys would start fighting.

Even in public the boys didn't want to listen. Preston kept running off at the sci-tech center. Ethan kept yelling in the library. Once we got home they were back to being angles again. Seriously??

After naps, Ethan wanted to do a science experiment. I found how to make goo. I figured that Ethan might enjoy actually getting to mix the water and cornstarch together. Seriously what could go wrong?? First when I went to measure out the cornstarch there was an air pocket. I apparently hit just right that it was like a mini explosion and cornstarch was all over the table. Then Ethan poured the water in to quickly and put to much water in. I finally got enough cornstarch. Then Ethan had a great time playing in the goo. He kept drizzling the goo onto the table. I have to say that that trying to get the goo off the table was very frustrating. I would try to wipe it onto my hand but it would turn solid. Then I would try to pick it up and it would turn back to a liquid. Thank goodness there was all the spilled cornstarch on the table because I could roll it into the starch and make it solid enough that I could finally pick it up.

 We were picking Josh up from work then taking him straight to the airport. He is going to be out of town for a couple of days. The boys seem to be handing this trip better than the last one. I think because they were awake when he left and we can say when he is coming home.

This is a science place why are we doing an art project?

Look I'm turning into a smurf!

I'm not sure what animal Ethan made.

Preston made a giraffe.

What happened to the solid?

Seriously? It was solid when I picked it up

Here is a video of a couple of crazy guys who mixed this up in a cement mixer and put it into a pool