Thursday, May 17, 2012

Josh is home!!

This morning I was woken up to both boys coming and jumping on me. The first words out of there mouths were, "Where is daddy?"
I was glad to be able to respond that daddy will be home TODAY!! They were very excited about his return. Since we haven't been home much this week, and this was the only day I didn't have anything scheduled, I figured it was a great time to get caught up on some house work.

At one point Preston was playing by himself and Ethan wanted to join in. Preston was very content on being alone. Poor Ethan just couldn't find anything to do. Seriously? I think we have more toys then some toy stores I've been to. I swear that he is a teenager trapped in a kids body.

Any rate, I was able to get him to use his imagination and pretend that he was in a rocket ship exploring outer space. Preston heard all of the fun that we were having so he wanted to join in.

Ethan's rocket was the play kitchen and Preston had a large box. I was mission control. I fail as a parent and didn't get pictures of all the cuteness.

I felt bad that I had to wake up the boys from their naps early but we had to leave to pick up Josh. When we started getting near the airport, the boys saw the planes in the sky and would ask if that was the plane that daddy is on.

After dinner, the boys wanted to play outside with dad. They are so happy that dad is back home. I'm happy that he is home too.