Sunday, May 27, 2012

My day in an alternate universe!

This morning I was the first person to wake up in the house. I figured, that during the night I had to be sucked into a weird parallel universe. I figured if I went back to sleep that I could return to my actual universe. At this point my mind was racing with all sorts of random thoughts so I couldn't fall back asleep. Then Josh and Preston both woke up, at this point I figured that I'm trapped in this alternate universe.

I think I've been watching to much sci-fi with Josh lately or I'm deliriously tired.

 We headed over to my parent's home for the afternoon. After the kids fell asleep for their naps my mom and I headed out to check out some Memorial day sales. We were suppose to go yesterday but Josh had some family come in town for the weekend (I found out yesterday as they were headed over to our house). Josh had forgotten to let me know. I wasn't a happy camper about having a house full of people and less than an hour to prepare!

We didn't get home from shopping today till after the kids were asleep for the night. Does it make me a terrible mom that I enjoyed having a break from the kids?