Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My mom is awesome sauce!!

I'm starting to freak out because I'm going to have a house full of people this weekend for Preston's birthday party and I haven't done anything yet for the party. I have a million things to get done and I'm starting to stress. My mom calls me up to see what exciting plans I had for the day. If she could join in the fun. My mom is the most amazing cleaning machine I've ever meet.

First on the to do list when my mom arrived was hair cuts for the boys. I totally fail because I was in such a rush I forgot my camera at home. No pictures of the cutting process. The boys were so great at the hair place that we decided to take them to Chick-fili-a. Once again no pictures. The boys did a great job playing with each other and the other kids. It was nice there wasn't a lot of kids there and they were all about the same age and got a long.

I think I ticked off one of the other moms. Her son needed his diaper changed. Her older child went to tell her but the mom yelled at her because she was on the phone. Then her son went to the table and the mom sent the kids back into the play area. Really mom, everyone else can smell him a mile away. I was afraid the kid's diaper would start leaking because it was so full. Eventually, I took the kid to the mom. Then she still took her sweet time getting off the phone. The poor child started striping his clothes off in the middle of the restaurant.

Then it was time to head home to get the kids to take naps. Before the boys headed to naps my mom got them to pick up the playroom and living room before they headed to bed. My mom had them so worn out they didn't really complain when it was time to lay down.

While the boys were napping we kicked it into high gear. My mom is so amazing! She got a lot accomplished but I have to keep my butt kicked in high gear to get everything pulled together.

Momma I don't like that my hair is gone! And I don't want Nana to leave!

I love my Nana! and my new hair cut, I'm handsome!