Sunday, May 6, 2012

Preston's third birthday party!

I'm proud of myself. I only lost it once today. In my world just before a party that is pretty good. Apparently that put Josh on edge and he started freaking out. Oops. An hour before the party I was feeling really good we were starting to work on the food. Then my parents, grandmother, and Lois all arrived. Then a few minutes later Mark and Jen were early also to help out. Jen read my blog from yesterday and decided they needed to come early to help out. Then pretty much everyone else arrived on time or while we were eating.

Then after the food most everyone went outside. Which gave me a few minutes to wrap Preston's presents. I gave the guys the task of putting together the trampoline the boys had gotten for Christmas. The bounce house just isn't enough. Once it was assembled the boys got to test it out for about five seconds. There was cake and ice cream to have. Preston didn't want to come in for cake and ice cream but someone mentioned presents and that was a different story. He came running in and straight to the table with all of his presents and actually started tearing into them. Thank goodness the one he grabbed was one that Josh and I had gotten for him. Once we got him away from the presents and the cake in front of him, Preston was all smiles and was ready to blow out the candles. He was told that after he ate his cake that he would get to open presents, that cake was gone before I finished cutting the cake for anyone else. He didn't like that he had to wait for everyone to eat their cake too. Someone distracted Preston with the bounce house and the trampoline outside. Once again everyone was outside. Seriously, I don't understand why everyone kept going outside. Normally I plan for people to be outside and set up games and normally no one is out there. I didn't even bother today and now that is where everyone is at. Okay. I don't get it.

The train cake is only the second cake that I've attempted to make since I took the cake decorating class. This is the first one that actually looked okay. It felt like I was cutting into my first born or something. 

I had to round everyone up again so we could do presents. Preston loved everything that he received tonight.

Josh was in charge of taking pictures while Preston was opening gifts and most of them are just blurs of Preston and Ethan.

Look what I made!

Here is the other side.
This is the inspiration from
 I don't think my cake knocked it out of the park but it wasn't a bad first attempt at a 3D cake.
Daddy when is my party going to start?

Yummy food.

Just relaxing.

boing, boing, till we all fall down.

Mom we need more things to bounce on!

I love my cake!

Blowing out the candles.

This is to cool for Preston, so I think I'll claim it.