Scarborough Fair!

Today, we head to Waxahachie, TX to attend Scarborough Fair Renaissance Festival. We meet my parents at the festival. We decided to see the bird show when we first arrived. Just as the show started it started to drizzle a little then it steadily got heavier and heavier. As soon as the show was over the rain was as well. Thank goodness we all had jackets and I had a rain poncho from our trip to Sea World last year. Josh and I figured the boys wouldn't be interested in the shows but they surprised us and actually really got into a couple of them especially the juggling show where Ethan got picked to be the juggler's assistant. Apparently, Ethan stole the show and I missed the whole thing because I was at the playground with Preston. We all were having a great time and then I got a call from Josh's mom.

Josh's grandfather had passed away. That news took the wind out of sail for the day. We didn't let the boys know what had happened and we continued letting the boys have fun. We ended up leaving just before closing. After stopping for dinner we headed home. While I was driving Josh was looking for flights to help his mom take care of everything. He found one that was taking off at 10:20 pm tonight! It was 8:00 and we were still south of Dallas. Some how we made it home, Josh packed, and I drove him to the airport all by 9:20. I'm still not sure how we were able to pull it off but we did.

This looks like an exciting group. Oh wait that is my family!

Sir Ethan staying nice and dry.

A little damp but ready for some fun!



I like this duck!


The boys enjoy jousting!

Ethan and Josh in sword class

Thank you very much
On guard.
I'll distract you with my cuteness then stab you!