Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two science projects today.

We had a low key three day weekend, but we were all had draggy butts this morning.  Yesterday my mom had an avocado and I took the seed for a science project. This morning we got a clear plastic cup and filled it with water. Washed off the seed then added three toothpicks. Put the seed in the cup, the bottom of the seed touching the water. Placed it on the window seal. Then I got out a journal so that the boys could draw that the seed looks likes. Then I made the boys describe what the seed looks like and added that to the journal.

This afternoon the boys were asking for another science project. I pulled out a book that I checked out from my local library. According to the book we made ooze. I found a website that has the same thing and they call it slime. The boys didn't like mixing the glue and the borax with their hands. Once it was mixed and not sticky the boys had a great time playing with the goo.