Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We got us some culture!

My mom and her friend were planning on going to the Dallas Arboretum. I didn't have anything going on today so I invited myself along. Then I invited Korri to come too.

Right now, the Arboretum is having a sculpture exhibit with works from Chihuly. They were amazing pieces that took my breath away. I wish that I had a better camera and was a better photographer because I don't think my pictures really do justice to the work.

Cindy and my mom in front of Yellow Icicle Tower

I'm not sure what this one is actually named. My name for it is the attack of the lily pad monsters.

Once again I don't know the name. I refer to this one as the dance of the octopus.

Carnival Boat (real name)

Ciltron Green and Red Tower.

A close up of The Sun

This picture doesn't do this view justice.
Preston was loving looking at the plants and the art. Ethan could have cared less. He was happy getting pushed around in the stroller and playing his games. He did put the games down when we checked out Texas Town. I was a little bummed that Texas Pioneer Adventure was closed today.

After a couple of hours it was starting to get really hot and everyone was getting hungry. We decided it was time to move on.

When the we finally got home the sprinklers were running. The boys wanted to come in and put on their swim suits and go play in the water. I knew the sprinklers were only going to be on for a few more minutes. Because where I live we are on water restrictions and we can only water once a week between certain hours. My sprinklers weren't actually suppose to be running when they were but I haven't figured out how to over ride the automatic timing on my system. We had to wait till after 6:00 to pull out the sprinkler that the boys could play in.

While the boys were all having a good time, it made me a little sad that we can only do this once a week.