Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another busy day.

Ugh! This morning I was running late and of course the boys weren't listening. Really?? Kids I'm trying to get us out the door so that you can have some fun! Stop playing and get your shoes on. Wait, I think I might be missing the point. At any rate the boys got their shoes on and we finally got out the door and loaded up. Today's adventure was going to the Summer Movie Club and seeing Happy Feet 2. Walking into the movie theater the boys saw the Madagascar 3 posters and wanted to see that movie again. You just saw the movie on Saturday. Man, the kids have been seeing a lot of movies lately.

This evening we meet up with Josh's dad to celebrate his birthday and mine. I wanted something different and kid friendly. How about Magic Time Machine? Josh loved the idea. I texted Josh's dad my idea and it was the fastest response ever! I didn't even have a chance to set the phone done after sending the message, before a yes showed up on my phone.

When we arrived I thought my boys heads were going to explode. Normally when we go to restaurants they get their leapfrog Explores out and just play games till the food arrives. I tried to get the games out while we were waiting but the boys wouldn't have any part of it. They just wanted to see everything and all of the different characters. Then they saw Superman and Captain America!  I think next time we go we are going to have the boys dress up.
Superman. "Boys this table seems to be in good hands."

And this was the quite part of dinner.

Look mom I have a balloon.

I've got to check out more of this restaurant.

 I forgot to post pictures of the awesome necklace that Josh got me for my birthday.