Another crazy day

Today the boys and I checked out the Monday show the library has. Today the Slick Juggler preformed. The boys sat still and was really watching when the performer was juggling. During the other parts of the show the boys were wiggly and I didn't think they were really paying attention. Tonight during baths Ethan told Josh every detail of the show. Wow he really was watching.

After how crazy the mall was during their free performance on Thursday, I figured it was going to be a mad house. Not nearly as crazy as the mall because there were going to be five shows today.  I asked Korri if she wanted to join us. Korri was up for a free show. Turns out I was right about the crazy. The show started at 10:30 tickets started getting handed out at 10:00. I got there just a few minutes before 10:00 and I wasn't sure we were going to get to see the first show. Thank goodness several people in front of us wanted tickets for later in the day.

I left for cirque fit classes a couple of minutes early. The extra time that I had was quickly lost by the accident that happened several miles in front of me. I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour for a distance that normally takes about 15 minutes. When I finally arrived to class there was only fifteen minutes left. At one point I was thinking about just heading back home but the traffic in the other direction was just as bad.

Even though the class was short it was well worth it.