Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For crying out loud it is just a fence!!

Years ago, I had just finished my freshman year of college and had moved back in with my parents for the summer. My parents had just gotten new neighbors and the neighbors hired me for a summer job at a photography studio. I was so thankful not to have to flip burgers for the summer I jumped at the opportunity. Things were great! Then the adults decided that the fence they shared needed to be replaced. And so the nightmare began. It felt like it took the entire summer for that fence to be completed. I would go to work and have to hear about it. Then I would get home and hear even more. The city got dragged in to the fight and had to measure the fence several times a day. Then there were arguments that the spot used to measure was a kicked up pile of dirt or a little valley. Needless to say my parents and the neighbors didn't speak much after the fence was built.

Fast forward to today, in our yard we have two shared fences. We replaced one side earlier this year with a neighbor we hardly speak to. He did the work and only wanted to be compensated for half of the materials. He did it in two days and it looks wonderful. Now we are doing the fence on the side of the neighbors we really like. We like so much that we are having a gate installed so we can just go back and forth between the yards.

Since, I've been on my death bed for the last couple of days I haven't really paid any attention to the fence that was going up. The boys have been playing spies and been watching the fence being built. It is so cute they have been running around with their binoculars watching. Today they were working on the front gate so I opened another window for them to watch from. The boys kept running back and forth between the windows trying to figure out where the best view of the action was.

During nap time, I was cleaning up the playroom a little and I noticed my front section and I wasn't happy. I went out and talked to the contractor to see if he could fix it. He basically told me no. I told him that I'm not happy with how it looks and would rather have my contractor come out and finish it. I didn't have a chance to talk to my neighbor but the contractor did.

I asked Josh to stop at the store on the way home to pick up some cake or something. I would have made cupcakes but I didn't want them to catch the plague that I currently have. When Josh got to the store he called to find out what exactly he was suppose to pick up.

Josh: I don't see any cakes that say I'm sorry that I ticked off your contractor. What is the protocol for something like this?

Me: I haven't seen Miss Manners ever tackle a situation like this. I guess there isn't a protocol. Just pick out something you would like.

Josh: Ohh, there is a lemon pie.

Me: (I involuntarily puckered) Do you think they like lemons?

Josh: How about a large swiss roll looking thing.

Me: Perfect!

As soon as Josh got home I pulled him outside to look at the gate to get his opinion. He didn't like it either. Actually it looks better now because they took down some of the boards that stair stepped. I'm still not loving it.

We were just about to head over when our door bell rang. Yup it was the neighbors. Thank goodness they are so relaxed. They just didn't want us upset. Man, I have the greatest neighbors ever!!

As a side note we took the boys to a park. Ethan and Preston have been cooped up for the last few days. They haven't been able to play outside because the fence has been down. I haven't been able to take them anywhere.

I love the fact there is all this playground equipment and the boys are just digging in the dirt.