Fun but long day!

This morning started out with an epic journey! Okay the journey didn't start out epic but turned into a cluster in the middle. We started out with a simple morning quest. Everyone wanted DONUTS! There is a donut place in walking distance of our home but we seem to get sick every time we have donuts from there. We have tired other donut places one was just okay. Another tasted off and we ended up just throwing those away. When Josh was running he would bring donuts from a place that was near where the group meet up. They were good but not great. I never thought I was a donut snob, but apparently I am, because I find hard to believe that finding a decent donut place is so hard. Our quest for donuts we headed toward the okay shop in McKinney but decided that we should stop at the store first then get donuts. We stopped at Target and realized they didn't open for another thirty minutes.

Then I realized that there is a Dunkin Donuts in Wal-Mart. Score! Two hours after we headed out for donuts we returned home triumphantly! The boys were so excited to finally get to have their donuts! Truthfully I think I was about to gnaw off my arm.

The rest of the morning was fairly tame. Then Mark and Jen came over!!! That is when the fun really started. Mark stayed with the boys and Josh to see a movie. Jen and I headed out for a girls day! We first got our eye brows done. Then it was off for a kids free lunch. Next it was to Cake Pop class at Cake Carousel. On pinterest there have been some really amazing cake pops and I've been dying to try to make them but just lacked the confidence.I don't know what I was expecting when I saw the class on groupon. I was impressed with the different pops and cake balls they had us make. I also learned a lot about using chocolate molds too.
Josh refuses to eat this one but I think it is cute.

Look mom what I did!

Here are the cake balls.
When I got home Ethan had already woke up from his nap and couldn't wait to try the cake balls.

I told you this was a long day! After dinner we headed to the Dr. Pepper Ballpark for Family Movie night. We got there when the gates opened.  We found a great place to set up camp to watch the movie. There were so many activities going on the boys weren't interested in settling in yet. First up was getting tattoos. Then playing with the million beach balls that were on the field and hula hoops. Then it was onto the bounce houses. We never did make it to the face painting or the playground.
Um mom where did the tree stump go?

I'm one bad dude!

BALLS!! Yes I'm mature. My maturity is matched  by my husband when he was laughing every time he saw two balls under a blanket because they looked like boobies.

I'm ready for the movie!

Hey, I want a picture with you!!! Come back here!

Cheese! Now I'm ready for the movie to start!