Happy Birthday to ME!!

Today I turned 25 once again (we won't discuss how many times I've turned 25).

This morning I took the boys to Indoor Safari. The boys love this place, but I'm ticked the prices on the website are different then what they are when you get there. I paid for the 9.99 package for both the boys. When they wanted to do the miniature golf I was told that didn't include golf anymore. What?? that isn't what it was just a couple of weeks ago and that isn't what your website says. But no dice. I guess all I paid for was for the kids to play on a couple of play structures I'd rather go to Going Bonkers which is cheaper and a bigger structure. I have a feeling that I will be back, just because the boys love the place so much. My opinion it is to expensive.

When I got home Josh sent me a text wanting to know if I had already had lunch or if he could pick something up for me. Awww. He picked me up some Thai food. Yummy.

Then it was time to Cirque Fit class. When I got home Josh had the kitchen table covered with stuff. I didn't get to check it out till after the kids were asleep. He had picked me up a card, some wine, a necklace, and flowers. He also left little notes about why he thought I was so wonderful.