Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This year I thought it would be fun the theme father's day for Josh. This year's theme is Super Dad! He got a super hero card and some super dad cake ball that were inspired by Bakerella.
Via Bakerell

My blue balls didn't come out as nice as her did but I was impressed for my first attempt.

Super Dad making chocolate Super Dad emblems.

Nailed IT!!

Nothing says Happy Father's day like a bunch of blue balls.
 Josh also got a Kindle Fire. I was going to wrap it in Spider man wrapping paper but since I either at Care Now or the ER for most the day his present didn't get wrapped.

Apparently, I caught a really nasty stomach virus. The drugs they gave me at the hospital were awesome and I didn't feel like a complete zombie when I got home.

My parents and brother picked me up from the hospital. When we got home Preston was napping and Ethan was hyper because if he stopped moving he would have fallen asleep. Everyone dug into the cake balls. Ethan didn't really eat his until my mom started calling them energy balls, then Ethan couldn't get enough of them.

My dad, brother, and Josh all went to the movies. Leaving me and my mom with the boys. I was so thankful my mom stayed behind because I don't think I could have taken care of Ethan and Preston in my current semi zombie state.