Sunday, June 3, 2012

I might have overreacted.

Today we headed to my parent's home. Had a little lunch, the boys took a nap, did a little vacation planning. Then my grandmother headed home and the boys woke up. It was time to head out to the pool.

This time we all got into the pool. Everyone was having a great time. Ethan and Preston were going all over the pool with the use of a noodle. We also have several ball pit balls that have been deemed pool balls. The balls were initially used to encourage the boys to swim for them. Now they are great for working on our aim. Preston actually has a good arm. Then Ethan started getting sick. Next thing I know Preston is joining in. I felt like I was stuck in the pie scene in the movie "Stand By Me". In case you are not aware of the movie here is a clip.

My brain kicked into overdrive and I remembered an article that I read back in 2008 about a kid that died from dry drowning. I couldn't remember the details but I didn't want the kids do anything till I could find information about dry drowning. I did let them change into dry clothes but I didn't let them do anything else. My mom and Josh were looking at me like I had two heads when I told them what I was concerned about. Neither one had heard about it before. Of course everything I found on the internet says that dry drowning could occur 24 hours after getting out of the pool. I'm still a little freaked out but they aren't showing any of the symptoms. The coughing stopped after we discovered Preston doesn't chew his food. Mental note: Cut his hot dogs even smaller bites. Second mental note: Stop reading news stories out children dying. Nope I veto the second note because those articles could save my kids lives.

For more information about dry drowning you can check out WebMD. I think the boys drank to much pool water and it is clearing out their systems. From searching the internet now I'm worried about chemical poisoning. At any rate, I think I'm going to be up all night checking on the boys and doing more internet searches. Josh is threatening to take my computer from me. If my paranoia saves one child than it is all worth while.