Friday, June 29, 2012

Taking the crazy on the road!

My posting might be a little spotty for the next week or so. We are headed to a family reunion that is on the Fourth of July. I've been trapped (riding in the car with my wonderful family and parents) in the car for several hours (three hours last night and ten hours today). I love my family but seriously thirteen hours in a small confined space might start to fall into the area of cruel and unusual punishment. Better yet is our journey isn't over yet.

Things that I have learned are my mom isn't going to be tutoring my kids on geography, or map reading, or navigation, or geocaching. When my dad says that we need to get moving at 7:00am that doesn't mean getting out of bed at 7:00 he wanted to be on the road at seven. Oops. I guess that was just wishful thinking on my part. My boys can not share a bed. I can not share a bed with Preston. Preston wakes up at 2:00am and wants to play. Josh gets cranky if he is trying to nap and keeps getting bothered.

Ethan (trying to) pulling the cart down the hall.
Honestly the trip is going well so far. The kids are traveling extremely well. Thank goodness for electronics. We had picked up a Tom and Jerry movie and didn't let them see it till we were on the road. The boys just want repeating the movie, while they do other activities like color, look at books, and eat. I swear Ethan has already gained ten pounds and grown three inches since we left yesterday evening.

For some reason my dad hasn't let me drive yet. At this point I'm not up for driving again till the trip home.