This week is off to a crazy start and it it only going to get crazier!

Why do I over schedule?? This entire week is just crazy busy and I'm the only one to blame. Today's activities included a play date at the mall playground. Then my mom met up with us to go shopping. First we stopped at the food court and ran into one of the moms from the group. Then it was shopping for bathing suits. I used to LOVE trying on bathing suits, but that was before I had kids and haven't lost all of the weight. I found a couple that I think look good on me but it was an absolute struggle. I need to lose the extra weight. Then again the Ho-Ho that I just ate sure isn't helping my waist line. The shopping trip lasted till it was time to leave for Cirque Fit class.

Both the boys fell asleep on the way. Every time I think that Ethan is over taking naps; he will prove that he isn't ready to face the day napless. The boys did great during Cirque class today. I really struggled because I've been limping. When it was time to stretch the leg that I've been favoring my body screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I guess I need to figure out when I can pencil in a trip to the doctor to figure out why it feels like I'm stepping on a tiny pebble even when I'm barefoot, especially when I'm barefoot on hard floors.

When we got home the boys wanted to go in the backyard and look for bugs. The other night when we found bugs in our yard Ethan woke up several times that night freaking out that there were bugs in his bed. We didn't let the boys dig very deep.

Turns out that I did over react yesterday. The boys have been fine the last twenty four hours since they got out of the pool.