What to the What????

I failed to get an exact time when the tree stump grinder was going to be here today. The boys wanted to go somewhere anywhere but we were stuck at home till the grinder guy showed up. At 2:00 he showed up across the street. I was like sweet, my house should be next. Then he left. What??

Then he showed back up at almost 6:00 to take care of the stump. When I talked to the owner on Tuesday he told me since they were doing my neighbor he would take care of my stump for $75. Today I was told it was going to be $200!!! WHAT????? I don't think so.

Because the boys have been stuck inside so much this week I figured getting out and being able to run around would be a good thing. The boys have been asking to go to Chuck E Cheese. My parents were willing to meet us at the store that is halfway. Overall we were having a great time. At 9:00 I figured it was time to head home. That is when my mom ran into my ex-fiance and brought him over to me. We broke up in 1999 and this was the first time that I've seen him in over six years. The best way I can describe our relationship is that if we had gotten married I would be in the bottom of a lake now. I didn't realize how much anger I still had about the relationship till I saw him again tonight. I'm amazed that I had the self-control not to punch him in the face or do any other bodily harm. The more he spoke the more my blood was boiling. I couldn't get out fast enough.
This smile made the entire day worth while.

This one made me giggle.

Of course Ethan found something to jump on.

Mom I see you!

Check out my gun!

Preston might have a bigger gun but I've got better aim!