Monday, July 2, 2012

Change of plans!

There is rain in the forecast so we opted for a trip to the Fair Oaks Farm. It was my first time to tour a dairy farm. I didn't know how my kids would react but they loved it!

We started off in the dairy adventure farm. Where you learn about the process of milking cows. At the end there was an indoor play ground and fake cows where you get to try to milk. My cousin husband did it so well and fast one of the workers came over and told him he was hired.

Then we went on a tour of the farm. The boys loved getting to see the cows.
Brit and Preston checking out the cows.

Ethan mooing at the cows.
 After the tour, we were told that there was a cow about to give birth in the birthing barn. My mom was all about seeing a calf born. The boys weren't interested and I was grossed out. Josh and I took the kids out to play in the outside play area.

Of course my kids wanted to ride the train.

I'm not sure what this thing is called but every one had a bouncing good time on it.

Once the cow gave birth we mooved on to the Cheese Factory. We all got some ice cream and tried some cheese. The cheese was so good that we had to get some too. I also picked up some cinnamon butter.

After the farm the girls decided to go shopping for some girl time and the boys just went back to my cousin's home. I was shocked that the mall was so empty with all the sales that were going on for the Fourth of July.