Today is our only day in Chicago. 

 We decided that we would check out the Shedd Aquarium. I've never been there before.  I wasn't expecting the forty-five minute wait just to get in the door. For an extra $20 per ticket we could bypass the line and go to will call. Lets see there is four of us,my parents and my sister.  That would make an extra $175 in admissions. We decided to stick out in the regular line.

Say Cheese.
 Once we get inside things started off great. Then about 2:30 Ethan turned into a teenager. He wanted to know what was next? When are we leaving? I'm done looking at the fish.

Ugh. Afterwards words we asked what his favorite part of the day was and he said that it was getting a toy in the gift shop just before we left. Oh the teenage years are going to be fun.

This place is awesome!

Is it time to go yet??
After the aquarium we headed to Indiana. I'm excited to actually get to stay in one location for more than an night. We visited with my Aunt and Uncle till about midnight. While we were visiting the boys fell asleep. We decided to let them stay with my parents, sister, aunt, and uncle while Josh and I went across the street to sleep at my cousin's home. My cousin gets home from work about midnight but her husband and kids were already there. We figured that we would get situated before she got home so we could visit. Turns out that she stopped at her parents home and didn't get to her house till 3:00am. Josh and I went to sleep about 1:00am. I guess there will be time for visiting later.