Friday, July 6, 2012

Fish Fry!

I don't know why this has become a family tradition. I think it is because my mom loves fish but doesn't like cooking it in her own home. My family that we are staying with are all avid fishers.

We cooked over two hundred filets of fish. We polished off every piece of fish that was cooked. It was nice to have just a hang out day around my uncle's house.

My mom, cousin, and her two daughters all have red curly hair. My mom has been straightening her hair for years. Apparently last week, one of Brittany's friend tried to straighten her hair and it just turned into a frizz ball. We decided to try my mom's straightening iron on the girls' hair.

My mom asking her brother, "What do I do in this room?" Ronnie, "You dope, it is the kitchen. You cook in here."

Josh helping with the fish.

The whole family getting in the act.

Brittany's hair before.
Allison's hair after. (sorry we didn't think about getting a before picture first)


Awe sisterly love