Going through withdraw!

This morning started off with us watching Olympic events that we recorded during the over night hours. When we were caught up, it was time to leave but this time women's team archery. We were quickly sucked in. We were late getting to my parent's house for Sunday lunch.

I have a new app on my phone called Twist. You tell it where you are going and who you are meeting and they will get text messages when you should arrive. Then another text when you are just about to your destination. The other day I had my mom install the app on her phone as well. I knew that my mom would want to know where we were at. I figured I could use twist and she would have to call. My mom called anyway because she didn't look at her phone call. Once I told her to look at her phone, she like that she could open the app and watch me move along the map. Josh said that I should just use Find My Friends. I don't want my mom to know where I'm at whenever. I like being able to just let her know when I'm going to actually meet her somewhere. (Sorry mom, I still love you!)

Once we got to my parent's home I wasn't able to watch the Olympics. It was driving me nuts because swimming and woman's gymnastics were on today. I'm glad that we set our DVR to record today's events. I kept checking facebook to see if there were any updates, I'm starting to think that Josh and I are the only people that care about the Olympics. Then again yesterday some of the sponsors like Pantene congratulated a swimmer for a good job, just got criticized for spoiling what happens in the Olympics before NBC had a chance to air it.

To keep my mind off the lack of Olympic coverage. We took the boys swimming. We weren't out for very long when we started getting over ran by wasp. There was about six or so that kept flying by the pool area. We decided it was time go back inside. I was shocked to see that it was an hour later, it felt like we had only been in the pool for a few minutes.

Bring on the sun and fun!

That was just mean mom! We didn't get enough pool time.

Okay snuggle time is always good.

Dance time is always great!
When we got home, Josh and I got the boys in bed as fast as we could. I ended up reading to the boys longer than Josh did. Once I got into the living room Josh already had the Olympics on and was fast forwarding through things that we didn't really care about. I think that Josh is more into the Olympics than I am. Normally when we watch TV, I have the remote. Since the Olympics have been on I haven't been allowed near the remote.