Happy Fourth of July!

Today is my family reunion at the Lake County fairgrounds in Crown Point, Indiana. One of my relatives set up a picnic. After lunch we headed to the parade. This parade isn't like any other Fourth of July parade that I've ever been to. The parade started off with several Dj's along the parade route entertaining those who came to set up early. Then there was a fly over once the parade started. The next thirty minutes was every police car, fire truck, and any other emergency vehicle that had siren on it in the entire county and a couple surrounding counties. Thank goodness we had ear plugs for Josh and the kids. Then the parade really started! Okay that is when the candy started getting  thrown. After an hour and half the kids were over picking up candy. They just wanted shaded! Preston climbed into my lap and fell asleep for the rest of the parade. I think the parade lasted three hours. The rest of the afternoon we tried to keep the kids entertained.

We stayed at the fairgrounds till it was time for the fireworks. Josh and I were going to surprise everyone with elephant ears but while we were waiting the fireworks started.

Side note: Elephant Ears are a fair food that we only have seen up north. Basically they are a thin flat disk of dough (looks like an elephant ear) that is fried then covered with cinnamon and sugar.

It was awesome getting to spend time with my aunts and their families. Especially my cousin and her son. It was the first time they have ever came to the family reunion.

Mom it is HOT!!

Cover your ears here comes the sirens.

Thanks Aunt Monkey.

Seriously what parade has a fly over? Oh this one.

Why is it so loud???

Time to get candy!

Time for fun and games with the cousins.

The boys exploring the fair grounds

Rich working hard.

Ready for the fireworks. and we don't mean family drama.