I am my mother's daughter!

I think I have worn my cousin out as much as my mom did. Then again she was already wiped from being with my mom.

Than again it isn't just me but my boys too.

Today we headed to the Nasher Sculpture Museum and the Dallas Museum of Art.

This was my first trip to the Nasher, I didn't have a clue on what to expect. I also wasn't sure how the boys would act at the museums. The boys amazed me! They were so interested in what they were seeing. Ethan wanted to know the name of every sculpture. I loved the fact they were so interested and having fun looking at the exhibits. Their favorite one was created by Ernesto Neto entitled Cuddle on the Tightrope. I think they liked they were able touch it and walk through it.

I don't think my cousin is having any fun!

I don't think the boys smiles could get any bigger.

Then it was time to move on to the Dallas Museum of Art. Josh dad and Bobby had to leave. I had forgotten that I had been to the museum several years ago. I believe that I was pregnant with Preston and they had a special Egyptian exhibit. That exhibit was all we saw so I don't feel like I really had seen the museum. This time we headed straight to the kids area. I figured if the boys were going to be difficult that we would stay in the kids area and let Christa check out the rest of the museum without the distractions.

I was shocked at how much they had for the kids. They had several art projects for the kids do. Preston wasn't really interested in making anything so I found another kid section. It was perfect for Preston. There were Legos, magnets, a felt board, and several other activities. Once Ethan was over his art project he decided to check out what Preston was up to. Then I wander around and found another room for the kids to play in. While we were in the the last play area, I found a book that had several photos of the art in the adult section of the museum. The book detailed how to talk to small kids about the pieces, by pointing out shapes, color, and what is going on in the paintings. I was like oh, that make perfect sense. The kids got really excited about looking at the different pieces. Once again Ethan wanted to know the name of everything, and what every sign said. Preston liked making up stories about what he was seeing. Then the boys hit a wall and they were just done. Preston fell asleep in the stroller. Ethan pulled out his games and just chilled in the stroller the rest of the time.

Aren't we a little young for homework? I thought this place was suppose to be fun!

Crysta's art creation 

This place is AWESOME. I found a wall that I can write on and not get in trouble!

Preston: "You say this is a mask? I haven't seen any super heroes wear this one."

I think we lost one.

When we leaving Josh decided to check out if we become members today if we could apply the admission fees to the membership dues. Turns out that we could, Josh was sold. I really don't know if I will take the kids to the museum by myself but they do have camps and other activities the kids will love. I guess this is a good thing

Dinner turned out to include us, Crysta, my parents, my brother, Crysta's dad, and my grandmother. If you lost count that was ten people. We wanted to take Crysta some where that she would experience outside of Texas. We thought the Magic Time Machine was the best place to go. Everyone had a great time. I'm so glad that we went.

Captain America, We love you man!

I have not idea what is going on with Preston's eyes as he photo bombed this picture.
 Once we got home everyone was exhausted. Crysta ended up going to bed about an hour after the boys did. At least tomorrow should be relaxing, right??