I love my library!!

I was suppose to go to story time but Preston has a virus and the fever didn't break till yesterday afternoon. I wasn't planning on going anywhere today. Then that phone rang. Why do my plans always change because of a stinking phone call??

Anyways, the phone call I got was from an automated phone dialer thing from the library. Saying that a book that I have on hold is ready for pick up and I have five days to get it. So I log in and realized that I have a book over do and by the end of the day today I was going to have twenty more books over do. Well Crap on a stick I guess we are going to the library after all. While I was making sure I had all twenty one books I was making sure what was read was on the boys summer reading logs. It turned out that they had finished their logs. I guess we need to turn those in too.

When I told the boys that we were going to the library. Ethan didn't want to go. Once I informed him that his reading log was full and that we needed to turn it in to get a prize. Than Ethan's tune changed. He wanted to see his log and started running through the house doing a happy dance. He couldn't wait to get to go to the library. He even wanted to call my mom to let her know his log was finished.

I'm super excited that the boys get so excited about reading. I'm also excited that I'm going to be turning in my own summer reading log soon. I've read enough books that I could turn it in now but if I finish the three books that I'm in middle of than I will have two entries for the grand prize drawing.

Ethan checking out his swag.

Boys showing off their certificates.