Indiana Beach

We headed to Monticello, IN to go to Indiana Beach. Apparently, last year Indiana Beach got bought out and the locals are not happy with the new owners. Indiana Beach started off as a boardwalk and has expanded to be a resort area and a small water park. The place was pretty empty. I was shocked there weren't lines for anything. Since we had the kids we spent most of our time in the kiddie area. The boys loved all of the rides. Then we meet up with everyone and there were "big kid" rides that Ethan could ride.
Josh and Preston riding the Skyride.

Hey isn't this suppose to go up and down?

 There was a total of twelve of us. We like to gang up on one person on the bumper cars especially if we all get to drive at the same time.

Even Ethan joined in on the cars.
I'm glad that I warned my cousin the night before that my parents have a tendency to stay at amusement parks till they close. Indiana Beach isn't that big of a place but still stayed till closing time.