Let the games begin.

We were going to go swimming this morning but the weather said that it was going to rain so we changed out plans. Our play date ended up getting moved to the Sci-tech discovery center. The other mom hadn't been there before but liked that it was small enough that she could take her kids. Apparently her son (like Ethan) is really into science and just can get enough of it. Ethan and his friend kept running around wanting to see everything. Then the two boys would get separated and then they would run up to us and ask if we have seen their best friend.

We decided to have lunch at McDonald's so the kids could run around after they finished eating. The kids started playing hide and seek. The other mom was talking how her kids could play for hours. My boys are the same way. It was really nice they could play with each other and we got to sit and talk. It is nice our kids are about the same age. Ethan is a day older than her son and Preston is only a few months older than her daughter.

It seems that we have been dealing with the same challenges. It was really nice to talk to someone who has been going through the exact same issues. From dealing with separation issues with our youngest kids to our older ones having to wait a year before they start school.

I don't have any pictures because they were all very blurry.

The evening was full of watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. We were explaining to the boys what the Olympics are. They decided that they want to be in the Olympics and were practicing their gymnastic skills. Well if they really want to do competitive gymnastics it is a good thing there is a gym near by that has already produced two Olympic gold medalist. I'm thinking that would be a good place to start their training.