Thursday, July 26, 2012

More shopping.

The boys and I were pretty wiped. We just had a lazy day around the house. I let Ethan have some computer time. Then he asked if I could download some mircobots on his Leapfrog Explorer. Then I bought a couple of games for their LeapPads. Ethan was glued to the LeapPad the rest of the day. Preston was happy to play with the Legos.

Tonight, we went shopping! First we stopped at Half Price Books (I had a 30% off coupon that expired today). I was impressed that we only walked out with two books. We probably would have gotten more but Ethan just couldn't make up his mind; He left without anything. I have eight books that I'm working through right now I didn't want to add to my pile. Not to mention all of the books that we have been loading on our Kindle and Nooks.

Then it was off to Dillard's. The sale that was just for card holders yesterday is for everyone today. I wanted Josh to try on some clothes. While he was in the dressing room I checked out the kids clothing.

It is a crying shame that we didn't find anything. When I was showing Ethan his new outfits he was completely in love with his new "handsome" clothes.