Vacation Wrap up!

Friday we headed to another relative's home. We were there till about midnight. Thank goodness we had gotten our bags ready before we headed out. The next morning we were leaving to come back home bright and early.

My dad had said that he wanted to be loaded in the van at 7:00 in the morning on Saturday. We had everything at the front door and the kids ready at 7:00 but my parents were no where in sight. About 7:30 I called to see how much longer. Finally about 8:00 we were loading up. Then we realized that we had left one of the boys blankets. My dad was trying to say that it could be mailed to us. Uh I don't think so. Have you ever tried to put a child to bed with out their blankie??? Thank goodness we weren't very far and we could turn around.

Finally around 10:00pm we decided to stop for the night. We pretty much collapsed once we were in the room.

On Sunday, we woke up and got ready to find out that my parents were still in bed. At least today we were only in the car for four hours. Once we got home the boys just wanted to go outside and be as loud as they possible could be. We decided the boys needed to be able to run around. We headed to Going Bonkers.

We let the boys run around till they were completely warn out.

This morning the boys slept in. I was suppose to take the boys to the library, but the boys and I weren't up for it. The boys pretty much just laid around this morning and were excited for naps. I actually had to wake Ethan up. I decided that we would miss Cirque Fit classes tonight.

I'm glad to be home and to get the boys back into our regular routine.