A day of rest.

It was nice getting to just relax and eat bon bons today. Oh wait that was the dream I had before I was jumped onto by two boys. *sigh*. I tried to just cover my head with the blanket but just resulted in the boys thinking I was playing hide and seek, so the ripped the blanket off of me. Josh came into the room to try to get the boys to leave me alone and for them to go eat breakfast. Nope the boys wanted mommy. Ugh. Fine I'm up. Josh just looked at me and said, "Honey, I'll get the coffee on". I grunted out a thank you.

Once I made my way into the kitchen, Josh handed me my coffee and a warm croissant. I was actually able to verbalize a real thank you this time. I think I could actually feel the caffeine working its way through my body. Recently our go to baby TV crack no longer worked; Courious George, Wow Wow Wubbyz, Toy Story 1,2, and 3.  Last night I found new baby TV crack! Winnie the Pooh! For the longest time we couldn't get the boys to watch five minutes of the movie and now that is all they want. Okay. This morning I was needing calm. It was really nice Josh and I were able to sit and have breakfast together without kids interrupting every five seconds. It was nice to have a kid free conversation. We had gotten up early enough to attend church but Josh and I were both moving in slow motion. Church didn't happen.

On the way over to my parent's home, the boys were sleepy. If the kids slept in the van they wouldn't get their full nap time and would be cranky later. Not to mention my mom and I needed to sneak out to do a little shopping while the kids were napping. I was doing everything I could to keep the boys awake. Fortunately, I was successful and the kids were hyper once we arrived at my parent's home.

After lunch Preston took his nap like a champ. Ethan is really trying to convince us that he is a big boy and doesn't need a nap anymore. I'm not sure if Ethan is completely ready to give up on naps but I'm willing to let him try for a few days. He was actually behaving very well and the men felt like they could handle him while we shopped.

After dinner we headed out to the pool. At least here weren't as many wasp this time but here was still a few. That isn't what chased us inside this time. The clouds were getting dark and rain was on its way.

Then again it was time for us to head home anyways because tomorrow is going to be another early morning. Ethan fell asleep before we left my parent's neighborhood. I guess that is one added bonus about no naps, easier bedtime.