Ethan has found a winner.

Today we checked out another preschool. Yep on a Saturday, our quest for a preschool doesn't know a weekend! Or one of the schools was having an open house. Creme de la Creme was having an open house. Yes there is a chain of daycares that are named Creme de la Creme. With a name that snooty, you better be amazing.

I guess I should back up a little bit. When my boys were in daycare full time that is where they attended. Actually, it was a different location, but part of the same chain. The other location had a director change and we weren't that impressed with the new director and Preston was having digustive issues so he was getting sent home once a week. Preston was also having severe separation problems. Ethan didn't like that all of his favorite teachers left. They couldn't seem to keep teachers in his age group. Of course our first stop looking for a new daycare was the Frisco location but they didn't offer all of the auxiliary classes that we loved at the other location, like the cirque fit class.

Since we were looking at preschools we were comparing what we were seeing to Creme. We figured we would give Creme another look.

I forgot how great their program was. Ethan and Preston didn't want to leave. Unfortunately they are also pricey. I had pulled their cost sheet from when we attended two years ago. I figured that the price has gone up but I was still in sticker shock when I was told the current prices. Their program is five full days. We are actually looking for three half days. Most schools will have lunch then quite time for two hours then open play till the child gets picked up. I don't see the point of paying for a full day when Ethan can eat, nap, and play at home. However, At Creme the kids don't nap in the afternoon and they are in class till 5:30. I think that is just a bit much for Ethan.

Then we are thinking about doing the program that is offered at the Frisco Athletic Center for a month then deciding.

There is still one more school that we are planning on checking out. I have very high hopes, they do offer a part time program. I actually found out about his school from a former babysitter that we use. (The only we stopped using her was because I lost her number).

All day long Ethan was saying how much he loved Creme.