Getting ready to party!

I'm so excited my sister is coming in town this morning. My mom doesn't feel comfortable driving to DFW airport. My mom came over at 8:00am so she could ride with me to pick up Tam. When we got to the airport Ethan went running up to Tam. Preston started to run also but he got distracted by the conveyor belt. On the way back to my home we stopped at McDonald's for a quick breakfast while we wait for the mall to open.

Once it opened, the kids lasted about thirty minutes before they were driving me crazy. Going Bonkers is right next to the mall, and we have a three month pass. The boys would have a lot more fun getting to run around then sitting in a stroller. For an hour, the boys had a great time but they were asking to go get Nana and Aunt Monkey. Then we hit a couple more stores and lunch.

We got the boys home and taking naps. I made a quick run to the store so that I could start working on the cakes for Ethan's party. Nope that wasn't a typo. I baked four sheet cakes and a 3D cake. Two of the sheet cakes got made into cake balls. Two more were made into a pirate boat. With the scrapes also made into cake balls. I forgot to tap the air bubbles out of the 3D cake so when I took it out the front fell off. I tried to save it when I frosted the cake but the more I tried to frost the worst the face fell apart. It got to the point of no return and I ended up having to toss the cake and start over. Since it was past midnight I figured the second cake could wait for another day.

I have to also give a huge thank you to Mark for helping Josh with the walk the plank board. While the boys were outside Jen, my mom, and sister for working on all of the cake balls.

I really have to say thank you to Jen because she had a broken toe. She was willing to help even though she was in a ton of pain.

Preston we need to go this way!

I think I can fix this

Look the entire cake isn't chocolate!

Cake Fail!