I don't think I could have packed anymore into the day!

Today is the last day of tennis camp. Actually of all camps. I have ONE week to find Ethan a preschool. The place that I was absolutely in love with didn't have any kids enrolled. Um, the reason Ethan is doing preschool is for the social aspect and why hasn't any one enrolled yet??? I guess that school just dropped down the list. My other favorite school is a full time program and is more than our house payment. We could tighten our belts for nine months but is it really worth it?

Josh is going to take the boys tomorrow to another school's open house. It is killing me that I'm not going to be able to see the school too, but I'm going to be helping out at a baby shower.

Where did the summer go??? 

 Then again our dog days of summer have been packed full with activities. Just look at today. We had tennis class, we were going to go swimming but the boys were not listening so I nixed that idea. Then we meet up with a mom from the mom's group a yogurt place. Afterwords she came over with her son and hung out till Josh came home. Josh changed clothes and we were out the door again. This time to Frisco Fire Safety Town for Family Night.

 I really do fail at the stay at home part of being a stay at home mom.

Look mom I can pay attention.

Learning how to escape from a burning building.

I have a need for speed. (or just learning about bike safety)

Mom this boot is to big.

This was the only Friday night that we could go the family night. They had a ton of activities. Not only do they go over bike safety. They also teach kids about calling 9-1-1, what to if there is a tornado, and in a fire. Next year the boys will be a better age to really appreciate the lessons that were being taught.