I found a piece of my childhood!

Growing up in Texas there are hole in the wall Tex- Mex restaurants just about everywhere. There was a place that was the only Tex-Mex place that I ate at (expect El Chico and Pancho's). The place got sold in the mid-nineties and it just wasn't ever the same and it has been closed for a few years now. My favorite thing at the restaurant was their Chicken Chimichanga dish. I've tried every type of Mexican/ Tex-Mex restaurant that I've ever seen and couldn't find another Chimichanga disk like I grow up with. Until today!!!

There is place that I drive by almost daily called Manny's. We decided to try it for dinner. I was excited when I saw Chimichanga on the menu. Then when I read the description, and my excitement was building. I figured I would order it and be disappointed. When it arrived I think my eyes were the size as saucers because it looked like what I was looking for. Then I tasted it. I found what I've been looking for!!  I have a new favorite restaurant.

The only thing I can compare it to is finding a Monte Crisco like Bennigan's had. If any one has found a Monte Crisco in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area please let me know where!!!