Sunday, August 19, 2012

I LOVE food and so does my family.

Josh and I are returning to cooking low fat, low sodium food for my parents on Sunday. This morning we went to Central Market to pick up what we needed for dinner. Our list was carrots, cauliflower, asparagus, and chicken.  We ended up picking up a lot more items than what was on our list. My favorite thing about the store is the kids table where you can get fresh fruit for the kids for .25 cents. Ethan picked an apple and Preston wanted raisins.

We got to my parent's home later than what we wanted. They had already had sandwiches by the time we got there. Since the boys snacked at the store they didn't want to eat lunch at first but once they started I didn't think they would stop. At least Ethan was pigging out on fresh fruit. 

When we were at the store, I told Ethan that he was going to have to share the fruit with Papa. When I started to bring the fruit to the table, Ethan went and got Papa and told him that he needed to come to the table. Once Papa was in the kitchen Ethan told my dad that he was sharing the fruit with him.