Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm glad the day is over.

I started my day off by moving very slowly. I think if I was in a race with a sloth, and a turtle, I would have been in last place. I just wasn't feeling all that great this morning. The boys were really excited because today was the bike ride at the Frisco Fire Safety Town. A least I had a little foresight and asked Korri if she would join us. When she arrived I just couldn't get my act together. We also were planning to meet up the mom's group at the splash park afterwords. The weather looked like the skies were about to open up. Korri said that it sprinkled on her on her way over to my house. *sigh* I looked at and it was showing that we were about to get some rainfall. The rain never came. That isn't true about five hours later it sprinkled for about five minutes.

Good think I checked the calender after the kids got up from their naps because we have tickets to a baseball game. The boys were super excited about going. We had dinner at the ballpark, then the boys played in the playground. We returned to our seats watched a couple of innings. Then headed home. The boys kept saying they were tired. Josh and I didn't see any reason to force the kids to stay up late, especially when they have to be up early tomorrow.