I'm starting to freak out!

Today was all about getting ready for Ethan's party. Normally when I get ready for an event at my home, I'll start in the kitchen and work towards the bedrooms. Normally, I never quite get the bedrooms cleaned. This time I figured I would start in the bedrooms and work my way to the kitchen. So far this week things have been going great. The kids have been keeping their rooms picked up. Today the boys, were driving me crazy. The faster I was cleaning the faster they were pulling toys out. UGH!!! Then at nap time once again the boys did not corporate.

Tonight is the last ball game for our season tickets. I asked Josh if he would take the boys to the ballgame. I even called my dad to see if he would want to go and have a boys night out. My dad wasn't able to go.

Josh took the boys by himself to the game. I stayed home trying to get the house back to the same condition it was before the boys tried to destroy it.