Less stressed, but still making mistakes.

Yesterday I failed to mention that we went to sign Ethan up for preschool and found the class was canceled because they didn't have enough sign ups. Well crap on a stick. School starts tomorrow and Ethan isn't enrolled anywhere. We have a plan "B" but it just doesn't feel right. I don't really know what we are going to do.

Another shocker, I suck and calendar. Actually I had the date correct just the wrong time. A couple of weeks go during tennis camp a couple of moms decided to get together today so our kids could practice. We arrived an hour early. At least we were early and not late for a change. Once the other kids showed up, tennis practice lasted for 20 - 30 minutes. Then all the kids wanted to play in the playground.

Checking out the playground equipment.

Still making sure the equipment is save.

I'm a ninja.

Showing off my mad balancing skills.

Preston teaching Josh how to play tennis

Many that was a great work out.

How does this thing work?

One of the kids let us know they were tired by laying down in the sand. Once we looked at the clock I realized that we had been there for almost three hour. After a quick lunch the boys went down for naps. Okay Preston took a nap and Ethan messed around in his bed. Josh and I kicked it into high gear and started our to do list. We were only two hours behind schedule.

Thank goodness my parents come over to help out right after the kids woke up. They were able to watch the kids while Josh and I were taking care of things around the house. Then we headed to dinner. They were super excited to check out the Tex-Mex restaurant that I swear is like the one we used to love.  When we pulled up the parking lot was empty. We realized that it is closed on Sundays. Josh suggested we try another Tex-Mex place that just opened up. I don't even know the name of the restaurant. I tried their chimichanga and it was good but it just wasn't the one that I really wanted.

On the way back home, mom om was asked what the plan was when they got back to our house. That is when I announce the clean bedroom contest. Team Nana and Ethan vs. Team Papa and Preston.

Ethan and Nana spent most the time arguing. Ethan didn't like where Nana was putting his toys. Nana didn't like that Ethan kept pulling everything back out. Gee I have not idea what Ethan's room always looks like a tornado just hit it. After Preston and Papa got their room cleaned up first, Ethan was finally willing to work with Nana.