More tennis

I'm glad that this week we have had to be somewhere at 9:00am every day this week. I was wanting to step into getting up early for when Ethan starts school. I'm already over this up early stuff. It isn't that we are getting up any earlier but the rushing out the door that is kicking my butt.

Today was day two of tennis. I wish the class was a little longer because there are some moms that I seem to like but I really don't know yet.

There is another week of tennis camp that the boys could do but I think that we are going to wait till the fall classes and go once a week. The boys are still loving learning how to swing the tennis racket.

I thought about taking them swimming right after class but they asked if we could just go home and rest. The spent the rest of the morning eating or just laying around. I figured nap time would be easy but was I wrong.

The afternoon the boys were cranky because they are tired. By the time Josh got home I was just as cranky.