Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our relaxing Saturday at home???

Yesterday I realized that I didn't have anything planned for today. In case this needs to be pointed out, I don't do staying at home very well. I called the Frisco Athletic Center (FAC) to see if we could get an appointment for the kids fun club. The only time they had available was at 8:00am. If you are new to this blog I also don't do mornings. Actually, if it happens before 10:00am I'm not going to be fully awake without the help of a LOT of caffeine. Yesterday I also contacted Josh's running partner to see if her family wanted to have a play date. Turns out they could meet up. I figured the day was set.

A little work out and a play date. That isn't over doing anything, right?

After we dropped the kids off it took us fifteen minutes to get to the work out area. Man, my body was like what are you doing???? It has been about a year since you have gotten up early and headed to a work out. After fifteen minutes I was done. Wow, I'm out of shape no wonder when we go out to eat and I order a soda lately the waiter has brought me diet. YUK!!! I don't know why but I can't stand the taste. I guess it is time to start dieting and seriously start working out.

Once we got back home, I was clearing off a stack of junk mail. Preston wanted to be a helper, I was handing the mail to him to take to the trash. This system was working great until, I asked him to throw a flyer about an open house for a new daycare. Preston was so excited and wanted to check out the new school. *sigh* It turns out the open house was going on right then. We loaded back up and headed out. The school looked amazing but it seems like everything is extra. When you add it all up it is the same price as Primrose. I think personally I would rather go with a tried and true program than something new.

After a little down time (like thirty minutes) then we headed out for our play date at Going Bonkers. It was really great seeing Josh's former running partner and her family. She has a son a two years older than Ethan and one almost a year younger. All four boys seemed to get along especially when they realized that a candy came was broken and would let the kids play for free. For some reason our kids were the only ones in the entire place that realized this. Really??? After we realized where the candy was coming from we told our kids to go play or we were going to leave. That threat lasted for a couple of hours. Then the candy started showing up again, it was time to leave.

The rest of the day just dragged on, or it could have just been I was dragging. Josh was awesome and took care of the evening routine with the boys by himself. Apparently, I had fallen asleep. I think he let me sleep because it game him a chance to read a couple of hours without any interruptions.