School and Treasure Hunt

This morning Korri showed up to watch Preston while Ethan and I checked out preschool number 1 on our list.

When Ethan and I were walking out the door Preston had a complete melt down. Korri and Preston ended up coming with us. Our first school to check out is Primrose School of Prestmont. Ethan was in love with the school. He was told to say bye but instead told me bye and he wanted to stay. Overall I like the school and teachers that I met. However the Pre-K program is their preschool program for four year olds. The school's director recommended that he might actually attend their private Kindergarten class. Ugh. I don't want him to repeat Kindergarten next year.

I guess we are going to keep looking. I'm hoping that Ethan is just going to fall in love with every school.

Since we were out and about, I figured we might as well get some more stamps for the Frisco is a Treasure hunt. It was nice that three of the stops are actually in the same building.  We have enough stamps to turn in our entry form, but the kids love getting the stamps.