School, what school???

Today was the first day of school for Frisco ISD. That means most preschools also started today. Not my kids because I suck as a parent and haven't found a school yet.

Today I did a little mommy school. Ethan was tearing up the software. I tried to work with Preston but Ethan would jump in and answer the question. Ethan needs to be in preschool so that I can work with Preston. It is really annoying when I talk to the preschool people and they are like, Oh your child will learn their letters sounds, be able to count to 10, blah, blah, blah. My child already knows all of that. Even the preschool on the top of our list I think he will be bored in just a few weeks. I'm not saying that Ethan is a genius. We were preparing him to be in a private kindergarten this year. The only school that we found that I think would challenge him is more expensive and is a full five day program. I think we are going to have to expand our search radius. Then again Mother Goose Time has added extended math and reading. That would defeat the social aspect that I'm wanting Ethan to have.

I'm thinking about getting the Mother Goose Preschool curriculum for Preston anyways.

Because I'm not stressing myself out enough. Tonight is the last night of mini-cirque fit classes. I had the boys make cards for the coaches. Starting in a couple of weeks Ethan is moving up to kid Cirque fit class. Preston isn't going to be able to attend class for at least a year maybe two years.
The boys working hard.

Ethan's card
No matter what I think I need to work on Ethan's penmanship a lot more. If you need translation, it says, "Thank you for being a great teacher. Love Ethan V." Without lines on the paper he had a hard time trying to keep that letters in a straight line.